Wednesday, July 11

So much....

Thus far we haven't been in Colorado Springs more than a week and I can say that we have fit right back into this city like we had never really left. We've been enjoying the blessings of being able to work at our offices in person. (I do feel somewhat crippled by the fact that i can only work a limited number of hours due to disability and doctors requests, but I would expect my desire and ambition to work far outpaces what my body can actually do... At least right now.)

In case you hadn't heard yet, we hired a new IT staff member at OC, and it was very clear through the course of the interviewing who God had provided for us. So we went ahead and hired Paul Morrell as the IT Generalist at OC. If the name sounds familiar it's because it's generally used on this site in conjunction with the term "Dad". My folks will be making the move from Seattle to Colorado Springs in September, but as for now my dad is down here for a few weeks to overlap with an IT resource we are loosing.

On Sunday we went to a different church than we normally do here in Colorado (We're not entirely sure our "old church" is where we need to be anymore.) and the one we ended up going to had been evacuated the Sunday previously because of the fires. They had 140 people associated with the church loose their homes to the fire. (Of the 340 something burned down) they were all very close to the situation and we were able to see in some ways how the city is dealing with what happened. We liked the service and might go back we're not 100% on that yet. There are lots of churches in this city and I wonder where we would best fit in to be able to share what God has taught us and continues to teach us with others.

I greatly covet your prayers as we travel around the city to work and friends houses that I would have the strength needed. Thank you for all your support, I very much believe that I wouldn't be here enjoying life as much as I am right now without your help, prayers, and support.



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