Sunday, July 22

My first tech conference

This week completes my first tech conference. It was a Christian nonprofit meeting. I would say it went fairly well. The sessions were gold, the keynotes were good, and the rest I could do without. In the future I think I would show up for the sessions and go to the keynotes and skip the rest of it. Especially if it's in a town we are in. Not sure I would travel out of town to make it somewhere else though.

In other news my health continues to return. Working twenty hours a week is hard. I couldn't imagine trying to work forty. I think there is some real wisdom in my medical team only allowing me to work twenty. I imagine I'd have to take a week off if I worked a full forty. Thanks for all the prayers and support to get here.

Both of these past Sundays I have been hit with a migraine. I could really do without those. I am sure you all have something like that in your life.

This week will be a bit short as we are heading up to Seattle for a few weeks, a little change of scenery... Maybe something of a vacation? I think maybe having a day where I stay in bed until 10 or 11am sounds like a nice idea.

Thanks for the continued support, friendship, hospitality, prayers and remembering Lisa and I as we continue our travels and adventures around the western half of the US.

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