Sunday, August 19

Id-y Bitty

By all accounts I should have had, and did really, have a pretty good day. The first half of it went well. We woke up, had a great breakfast prepared for us by the people we are staying with, we went to a church that we had never been to before and absolutely loved it, and then we had lunch with a co-worker of mine and his wife. It was a good morning and afternoon.

I came home, laid down, didn't fall asleep but when I got up it seemed to me like everything was wrong. Something that I had prepped last night for tonight's dinner failed miserably, my right arm has been killing me since this afternoon (I am sure the pain didn't help my attitude), and I felt like Lisa was nit picking everything I said.

Generally I have a very hard time staying angry... I just don't have enough to be really upset about, but for some reason it's really been hanging onto me this evening*. I guess writing about this serves three purposes: 1. Yes, I have times where I am upset about things. 2. I thought that maybe writing about it might help me and 3. I was wondering if you could pray for me. I never really know what is my own human failings (of which I am sure I have more than enough) and what is actually spiritual, but either way, I don't think asking for prayer for either of them would hurt me at all.

 * The level of these emotions feels about the same as when I start to get nervous for a plane flight two days ahead of time, before I have been thinking about it. I wonder if there isn't some connection between being upset that we have to return to Houston and medical "stuff" at the end of the week. If that's the case I guess my Ego will finally catch up with my Id in a few days. Thanks for the support...

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