Tuesday, August 21


You know me... I can't hardly spend time in any of my favorite cities without visiting SOME kind of emergency room. Monday was no exception. 

Sunday afternoon I started to get a pain in my right arm so I took it easy that night. (Well, and for other reasons as well...) Monday morning rolls around and I am in pain. A lot of pain. A solid seven on the old pain scale. After sitting through chapel at work, and then sitting in my office for a few hours I finally decided that enough was in fact enough and I disn't have anything that could control the pain so I headed to the ER.

I got in at a fairly reasonable pace, and was then blown away by how much they treated me like an adult. I always feel like, at leats in Houston, they never really believe me when I go to the ER. It was the exact opposite here. I had several intelligent conversations with the ER doctor about what they could realistically do or not do and what I was really looking for in coming in to the ER.

They first thought that perhaps it was a blood clot, but then they looked at my bloodwork and I was missing some rather drastic other symptoms of a clot so they ruled that out. They scanned me and the scans looked really good as well. They couldn't find anything wrong.

But they gave me some great painkiller and the rest of the day the pain was down to manageable levels. (two on the scale) this morning it was back up to a four, but honestly I am pretty used to that level in my life, so it didn't feel too bad. It lessened a bit during the day as well. It's not gone, but it's not all I can think about aymore either. 

Thanks so much for your prayers and support. Hopefully this will either go away, or when I get a scan in a two weeks they will be able to pinpoint what the problem is.




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