Wednesday, October 3

This Bites

Having a "compromised immune system" is kind of lame. I got four mosquito bites the other day and they made my hand swell up half of it very red, and it looked like a grew a second large red elbow on my right arm. I also got in the shower the other night and when the hot water hit my hand it was so painful and itchy it hit a ten on the pain scale and I couldn't breathe. The only comparison I can think of is plunging your hand into a SUPER-cold bucket of water and keeping it there. It hasn't been fun, BUT despite all this I have learned a few things:
First: Honey does wonders for my bug bites. Brought the swelling down and stopped the itching. (More so than Benedryl cream) The downside to this was that my hand was covered in honey and it was hard to do anything without getting it sticky.
Second: I need to just carry bug-spray with me where ever I go. I carry pain killer and anti-nausea medication with me, I need to add bug-spray to the list. The pain and agony of these bug bites is NOT worth a few extra minutes outside.

I guess the take-away from this post is that like a lot of issues on this blog every thing I go through can be a lesson teaching me things. My encouragement to you, is even if you think your situation is dire there are things you can learn, or you can share with others. Don't be shy, learn and share.

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