Sunday, September 30

Cementing a choice

Blue - Lisa, Brown - Ben
As you will know, dear reader, Lisa and I have decided to stay in Texas longer as we pursue more options for fighting cancer for me. Part of staying in Texas is accepting that we are in a place we don't really want to be, and also a place we'd never thought we would be living in the first place. Part of accepting where you are is adapting to the culture. You don't go to live in a foreign country and continue to eat like you do in your own country. You don't dress like you do in the places you are from originally. So we decided as we try to blend into Texas a bit more that we'd go and get ourselves some boots. (This was, in part, spurred on by a square dance we were apart of a year or so ago and it was just kind of expected that everyone had boots...)

So we went to Cavender's Boot City (really) and found ourselves some boots that fit really well. (While Lisa was trying on boots she put on a pair and said, "Woah, these actually feel better than the pair I am wearing now. (She had on some designer something or other...))

So we've crossed the line and gone native gotten boots. I guess the final nail in the coffin would be me owning a cowboy hat... but I don't foresee that happening anytime soon. Next time you see us there is a possibility that I'll be wearing boots.

Thanks everyone for the continued support!

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