Wednesday, November 28

A Cry

Oh Lord, I have waited upon you to heal me. Remove this disease from for your glory and honor. You have lead me down a strange path Lord, but have sheltered me in your steadfast love despite the dangers I have faced. Lord, please bring me safely to the other side of this and cleanse my body. No medicine known to man can do what you, oh Lord, can do. Confound the doctors and the medical world who says one thing. Father, thank you for your faithfulness to me. Draw me close Lord and turn aside the thoughts that run counter to the truths you have taught me and shown me. Please Lord, use this disease not just for my benefit but for the benefit of others. Not just through me Lord, but despite me. May your Glory shine Lord as a mighty beacon. I am your child Lord and and your love is never-ending, please help me to see and understand this love. Please father, remove this disease from me. I am weary, you know how tired Lord. Please deliver me from this so that I might tell the world of the great things that You have done for me. I ask Father that your love would know no limits. Help me to trust in you as my place of safety in a rough and difficult time Lord. You are my God, and I am your servant. Deliver me to serve Lord. Thank you Lord for your Love and caring so deeply about your children. I need your strength Lord, please save me from this sickness.


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