Tuesday, November 27

San Antonio Scanning

In case you are wondering, no, I didn't get to the ER in San Antonio while we were there. I know I have this habit or "touring" but not this time. Gotta save some things for later. (The picture at the top is the view from our hotel room (big thanks to my in-laws)) if you look you'll notice it overlooks the Alamo. Snazzy, yes. As we slept the Alamo was at our feet.

The hotel was on the Riverwalk (tm?) right in the middle of San Antonio. I think it would be an apt comparison to say it's a lot like Disneyland. More aimed at adults, and not in the Vegas style. It's full of pretty walks and surrounded by restaurants. The Riverwalk is sunken down in the middle of the city so that when you'd down there you can't really see up into the city right around you (unless the building is tall). Adding to the charm and "otherworldlyness" of it all is when you're at street level the whole thing just disappears into the city under you. 
It's a great way to hang out and see life in San Antonio. Saturday night was almost as busy as I have ever seen a place. People were waiting hours for tables at almost every place to eat. Folks were standing along the walk, the barges were filled with people riding around seeing the recently put up Christmas lights. It was fun to be able to hang out with Lisa and her parents, as well as see the contrast against Saturday night and Sunday morning on the Riverwalk.
Sunday we were able to get out and see the Alamo in the morning and then one of the missions a little outside of town. The first time I came through San Antonio I wasn't a big fan. I didn't like the north end at all and the stark contract between "poverty" and "middle class" or "better off" was really very evident in the neighborhoods. This time around however it seems to make more sense to me (having lived in Houston?) it also seemed a lot quieter than Houston seems. (From almost anywhere) Silence is always appreciated. (He types as the bird screams...)

Today I got another PET scan. They threw me a curve ball though and as I was walking in they said, "Instead of doing a nuclear contrast we are going to give you an oral contrast plus a shot." That was how I ended up spending two and a half hours waiting for the "oral contrast" to settle and spread around my body. It'll give them a better idea of what is going on in my abdomen... as that is where I have been having pain as of late, that's where they decided to start looking.

I got home and felt really sick so I didn't eat much, and then to get my mind off of waiting for the appointment tomorrow (what horrific things CAN my mind make up in a 24 hour period!? (Is that even medically POSSIBLE?!)) I worked on a painting for a bit. I finished it so I at least I can say I did something today.

I am tired, I am stressed out, I hurt, I feel sick... no matter how much "smile" I put on things it is hard. I don't want to lie to you by putting on a happy face... but at the same time I also don't want to relive all the experiences I've had the past week or so.

Thank for the support. The emails have meant a lot. Thanks so very much. Here's to more life together!

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