Wednesday, November 21

What's going on!? [ER Update]

Many of you will know that yesterday (Tuesday) at 1:00pm I headed to the hospital with some rather extreme pain in my abdomen.  (8/10)

Despite having the worst ER team ever (The doctor glanced at me once, mumbled some things, and then proceeded not to listen to me, OR the nurse. The the poor nurse had no spine either so she couldn't get the things done that needed to be done.) I managed to survive the first six hours, then there was a shift change and everything changed. I got pain killer, I got scanned. Overall I got the answers I was looking for. It just took 6 hours of waiting at the ER, in pain, for a doctor who had some idea of what to do, to actually DO it.

At the shift change I got a nurse who was HUGE on patient advocacy, and while the doctor was world's better she'd go find the doc (even in the doctor's lounge, a place I guess ER docs like to hide) and get results. The last six hours (12 in total if you are following along at home) were WILDLY more successful than the first six.

I can't tell you how many times in the first six hours I asked for pain medication. I was VERY close to just getting up, getting dressed, and walking across the street to a different hospital's ER. That team did not care about the fact I was in an 8 (out of 10) on the pain scale, and proceeded to just let me lay there in pain. Oh, but don't worry... I have everyone's name... and they like to send survey's to ER patients as followup. Plus I think I might call someone a little higher up at MDA and tell someone about it. That doctor was actively ignoring me and that is not good. (Especially as well for the patient across from me who was vomiting blood and no one did anything until the shift-change.)

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. Yesterday was a very hard day for me emotionally what with everything that had been going on. What they finally discovered is that I have some lymph nodes down by my spine that have enlarged. (Translation: This means the cancer is spreading and growing in my body.) There isn't a lot of room for "stuff" down there at the moment so it tends to hurt a lot. They gave me a new regime of pills that will hopefully help. Until next week when I see Dr. Ludwig and he tells me the same thing.

Prayer this week for my health are going to be very vital. There is a week here where we could see God do some amazing things, and we need to be in prayer. I need prayer for peace, for focus, for wisdom. Lisa is going to need prayer for strength as the stuff we had planned for this holiday weekend is going to take extra strength for me, and thus lots more for her.

Thank again, and again for your prayers.We need to remember though that this fight is still ongoing and I really need your prayers. I really, really want to see those tumors gone, and I can keep taking drugs upon drugs, but the real healer is going to be God alone.

EDIT: Adding a breakdown on what the enlarged lymph-node means.

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