Monday, December 17

How to Help w/ where we are now

Thanks everyone for the support while I am in the hospital. I know those of you in Houston are chomping at the bit for some way to tangibly help us, and we thank you for that, but at the moment (as we have no children) there isn't a lot to be done. We appreciate prayers. We don't really have much need for food right now, either. (The hospital feeds me, and I eat very little, and Lisa has been pretty decently provided for (see her blog post on thank you for your eagerness to help. When we have a need we will let you know. If you'd like to make a brief visit to see me either here or at home (as I have no idea how long (or short) i might be here) please contact Lisa about setting up a time. 

I have turned my phone off so I don't get caught sleeping. I do get texts via my ipad though, and emails are appreciated. We will let you know when we need help. The strongest thing I need now are prayers for healing (in the short term for this "pneumonia", and in the long term for tumors), restful sleep (for Lisa and I), and that we'll be able to make Colorado for Christmas. (Lord willing... We think it would be very special to have my whole family up there this year.)

Thank you all...

(Also, quite tangibly health care costs are going up again next year and with having to switch plans mid-year I am going to have to pay two high deductibles. Plus some other basics like spending twelve plus dollars a day on parking when Lisa visits me at the hospital, or other little things that we pay extra for due to health needs. If you would like to donate you can hit up the Help! link at the top of the page, or the "help us?" Link under my signature. All donations are tax deductible and are available to me for health needs. IE: you're not going to see an 80 inch 8k resolution TV in our living room all of a sudden. Thanks!)

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