Monday, December 17

Probably not Pneumonia

My medical team took a look at my xrays and PET scan and concluded that it probably isn't/ wasn't pneumonia. So again, the doctor that gave me problems last time, effectively did something similiar and cost me four days in the hospital with a bunch of drugs I don't need. What needed to happen was to get my pain under control.

(This means the tumors are growing and pushing on things like ribs, lungs, etc)

The plan is to get me out of here ASAP tomorrow with the drugs I might need to get. Right now I am super droopy. (Tired) They gave me some extra breathing treatments to help strengthen my lungs as well.

The plan is to spend a day making sure nothing else is broken and then probably heading towards CO. The hope then is to enjoy Christmas with my family, and be back to Houston for New Years.

I hope this helps... I can't really process too much on the painkiller. Maybe Lisa will write more, or I will write more later when my brain can stay awake long enough to write a full sentence. (This whole entry took me 45 minutes to write)

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