Tuesday, February 12

My Yo-Yo health

It's "funny". Friday I spent half the day in bed. Saturday I was in bed all day, and Sunday I spent probably half the day in bed. Then Monday I got up at 7am, felt decent, got some work done, and had a generally productive day. Then this morning I was sick again. I really cannot seem to nail down any pattern to this, but the ravages of my health seem to go up and down.

In other news I am still waiting to hear back from my insurance company (as I have another huge cost in pills coming up) about the overage costs I am paying. Their lack of... anything has been pretty frustrating as of late.

I am also working on switching health insurance companies and I think I have all the things I need in so I just need to sign a bunch of stuff and mail it off. Hopefully with minimal hurdles.

So I really need prayer requests for something to be done in regards to my health. Either the meds will need to slow down/ cut back/ stop, or my body will need to adapt to the side effects. Essentially something really needs to happen because this isn't a way to continue to "live" my life.

Thanks for everything folks.

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