Thursday, July 18

The Treasures of Egypt, or That's No Moon, that's a Conference Station!

Having realized that there are some remote passages in Jeremiah that I've never plumbed, I've been attempting a comprehensive read of the Old Testament.  As often happens, there seem to be fresh messages for me this time around.  In Genesis, it caught my eye whenever someone decided to move, or conversely, stay put.  For example, Rachel: she abruptly leaves her family to get married... and never returns.  Not even to visit with her son Jacob, who stayed with his mother's relations for 14 years.  God's promise to her husband held her still.

Exodus held some unexpected messages for me as well.  Do you remember that God promised Moses that the Egyptians would give them all sorts of wealth before they left for the Promised Land?  And sure enough, in their eagerness to get rid of the plagues, the Egyptians gave the Israelites many treasures on their way out.  That providence seemed strange to me.  What a lot of troublesome baggage to haul around the desert for 40 years! There didn't seem to be anyone to trade with - so no need for money - but there was the temptation to make idols from all that gold just sitting there.

Then the purpose for those riches was revealed: to honor to God.  After He goes over some preliminary laws with Moses, God launches into several chapters worth of detailed specifications for how his ark, its portable surrounds, the priest's robes and other objects of worship were to be made: with fine woods, cloths, jewels and gold.  The gifts to the Israelites were in preparation of these things.


Some of you may be wondering what happened to the money you donated through OCi to Ben's medical costs.  Thank you so much for your support, generosity and love for Ben - his medical costs were more than covered!  How amazing to be financially free of medical debt!  When I say "more than covered", it does mean that in Ben's OCi account there is a little money left.  A number of you also donated money to OCi in Ben's memory.

Last week, one of Ben's colleagues in the IT department contacted me with a proposal.  There is a recently remodeled conference room in the main office at OCi with no A/V fittings.  What if your donations were used to build a station in that room which would allow for presentations and remote group calls?  He listed the elements of a great A/V system: large screen, surround sound, webcam, and connecting components with a small computer.

Ben would have been so pleased with this idea, since using good technology to further communication was his wheelhouse.  Everyday, folks at the main office talk with missionaries all around the world, so this conference station should be put to frequent use and make talking among groups much easier. Ben would also have been pleased with the initiative and vision of his colleague.

There will be a plaque on the wall in this conference room, remembering Ben and his work.  Thank to everyone who made this project possible!  Once it's complete, I'll post photos.


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