Wednesday, July 24

Texas Besties, Part I

The rumors are true: people are friendlier in Texas.  It's actually a relatively easy place to move.  And not only are they friendlier, but many of them are quite talented at being Friends.  I apprenticed myself to both endeavors (for I truly was unworthy).

When I was young, I used to be a one-friend kind of girl.  Well, one-friend per venue I mean.  I had my Neighborhood Friend, my Church Friend and a succession of School Friends.  The only reason for additional friends was to pursue complicated Recess games, such as Foursquare or Chinese jumprope (the most racist kind of jumprope).  But normally I could borrow someone else's friend on these occasions and return them at the bell.

Sometimes, my Friend would move away and I'd have No Friend until someone new talked to the quiet girl looking through the classroom's "basket of books" to see if there was anything she hadn't read yet.  As you might guess, I tended to be a terrible conversationalist and also possessive of my one Friend's attention.

As I've aged, I've gained in confidence and learned the value of having More Than One Friend.  Not only do they help with the Recess games, but they are all different than each other!  Each Friend is interesting and special in their own way!  Who knew?

As transitions added up and I spiraled through more social circles, the Hellos and Goodbyes multiplied.  By the time I hit Texas, I had grown open-handed with my friendships to the point of being cavalier (see definition 6).  Easy come, easy go, love 'em and leave 'em.  Very few expectations.  Completely the opposite of Young Lisa.

I saw this attitude as healthy and realistic until one day one of my new Texas friends sent me a text.  Brief, but it still had me flabbergasted that someone was thinking about me and reaching out to me while we weren't even together.  I continued to be surprised as my good friends remembered the names of my sisters, planned birthday outings for me and stayed committed to reading through the Bible with me.  Separated from my family, I was fully open to receive and attempt to reciprocate their dedication.

This past weekend, two of these friends came to visit me in Seattle.  As I shamelessly showed off my hometown we talked and talked.  What a beautiful blessing!  I want to brag about how cool they are, but I think that a) I should contact them before putting out any information about them and b) this post is long enough.

Footnote:  other friends who don't live in Texas or aren't from Texas are NOT inferior to Texas friends.  It just so happens that God used some Texans to love on me for the past few years in a way that changed my outlook.


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