Saturday, August 17

Book Report

Just wanted to let you all know that Ben's book is still in the works.

Even though most of the material for the book was already written, the whole process is ending up taking many hours for a dedicated group of volunteers.  It's a little more complicated that just pulling up Ben's blog and pushing "print".  For one thing, that would be ridiculously long.  So the editors had to cull the material using a criteria that fortunately Ben was able to establish with us last April.  After that, a group of editors and beta-readers proof-read, looking for everything from spelling errors to material citations to missing pieces to narrative flow.  I ended up writing a couple dozen "interstices" to bridge informational gaps in the story, caused by taking out the blog entries that would have explained events.

We need a cover design (thanks Beth), an introduction (thanks Greg) and prologue (thanks to Jenifer and I).  We needed a title.  Erika's sharp eyes found a blog entry that said "If I ever were to write a book, I think I would call it ______".  So that will be the title. I'll seriously give a free book to the first person who figures it out.  We still need formatting - the last step in the process which is getting very close! - and BIG thanks to Erika's mother who has volunteered.

An extremely tentative release date of October the 1st is our goal (!!!)  I'm dreaming of a book release party and lots of people being encouraged by Ben's trust in God.  This week I watched the video of Ben's memorial service and was so proud of him and refreshed.

Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him. (Psalms 34:8)


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