Thursday, August 1

San Juan and Crafts

The extended Morrell family has been vacationing together in the San Juan islands for years.  I was so happy that the Morrells welcomed me to come with them a few weeks ago.  This year there were more people than dogs, but sometimes it's the other way around :)

With Ben gone, I'm thankful to not be cut off from all the people who he cared about.  The loss would be even greater.  Beside that, I like remembering Ben when I am with his family and friends.

One Morrell tradition is to go scavenging on the beach and make things out of the recovered items.  They get pretty serious about the process and bring all sorts of supplies, including a wood-burning kit & screw guns.

This is now in my Mom's garden:

This past week I had the chance to enter my sister Cheryl's world and helped with the church's day camp.  What a delightful zoo!  In short, I was the Craft Lady.  Crafts and children are a chaotic but beautiful combination.  We made plate fish for the Shark Tank and of course, salvation bracelets and keychains.  Also, cool rainbow ichthus:

The next project to really concentrate on is Ben's book!  We have indeed made progress but this month I can focus a little more than I have been.  There may be a release date soon...


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