Tuesday, October 1

Release the Books!

The day has arrived!  "Greatly, Deeply" is available at Amazon for $9.  The Kindle version comes free with the paperback, or you can buy it separately for $3!

Or... come to the book release party on October 5th, and get it for $6!  In person, I can sell it for the author's discounted ordering price.  If you're in the Seattle area, please email me at LMorrell17 at gmail.com for an invitation.  It's really going to be great.  There will be blog-themed food, a couple of Ben's favorite musicians playing in the background, and lots of Ben's friends and family.

Now, why would you want to buy the book when the blog is free online?  Very astute question, Reader.  Allow me to address you individually:

You started reading Ben's blog recently?
This is the perfect way to get the whole story of the past six years.  The amazing editors who worked on this book cut it down to a quarter of the length of the blog for that time period, a manageable 346 pages.  Basically, it's the best of Ben's writing and also tells the tale of his battle with cancer and how his trust in God grew.

You are a long time reader?
You must like Ben's writing (and Ben) a lot!  Perhaps there's someone you'd like to share his story with?  The book would be a great way to do that.
Plus, the book is just beautiful with Beth's cover design and also has a little original material.  If you're like me and have an old-fashioned love of physical books, you'll definitely want to get it.

If you buy the book, you'll see that making the blog into a book was a team effort!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the editors: Erika Mitchell, Katie Ferguson, Marie Morache, Matthew Murakami, and Cheryl Gilbert.  Thanks to Beth Morrell for doing the cover.  Thank you to Greg Osborne for the introduction, Nathan Fenno for the back-cover copy, Lexi Forrest for the beta reading, and especially to Rowena Portch for the typesetting and publishing advice and assistance.


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