Thursday, December 12

Greatly, Deeply Sent Forth

I'm happy to report that "Greatly, Deeply" has now sold 180 copies!

It can now be found in the many living rooms and bedside tables, and at the counseling office at Overlake Church in Redmond.  My sister sold a good many copies from her office at Crossroads Baptist.  There's a possibility that it will be in the bookstore at First Baptist of Houston (it wouldn't hurt to ask if you attend!) and even the King County Library System, where my parents resourcefully put in a request.

Some people, particularly a few of the ladies of the Modern Widows Club, plan on giving it as a Christmas present.  Perhaps not terribly exciting, but potentially quite meaningful.

Another box of book just showed up at my door, so let me know if you'd like to buy a copy in person.  Or, they are still on Amazon in book and Kindle format (with a five star rating!).

Here's an excerpt from one of the reviews:

"Ben's style of explicating complicated spiritual concepts and truths is simple and powerful. Humble and honest, he shares every facet of his battle with cancer, to greatest effect, I think, when he's explaining how it deepened the value of his faith.

Six years will fly by for you in a blink as you share each of his triumphs and struggles and come to understand what genuine faith looks like in the face of pain, frustration, and mortality."

In other news, Ms Erika said that I should come up with a patented author signature, so that if I get more famous my real signature won't be stolen.  It's an interesting concept!  Should it be a scrawl or simply a tangled ball of lines?


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