Monday, May 6

Ok... planning on pulling my first all-nighter due to school related stuff. *wooo* I'm excited. I have my chips, my salsa and a big glass of lemonade (which I have already have drunk... (hmmmm, it might be a long night.))

Why you might ask am I staying up late tonight? (this morning) Well the answer is very simple. I had to work from 3-11:40 tonight and was unable to write the essay that was (is) due today at 8am. Of COURSE I had previous knowledge of this assignment, but when you've got things due that are way closer to your time than a big essay you're thinking about the things closer to you. Now I have to come up with a topic from one of the three books we have read thus far (Ender's Game, Forever War, and the Handmaid's Tale) and craft an essay. And one that sounds intelligent. We'll see how well that works at 12:30am... =)

I'll let you all know how it goes.



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