Tuesday, August 13

Flaming Jello. That's right... you heard me; Flaming Jello.I'm not talking about homosexual Jello here, I'm talking full, on fire, heat, flames, flaming Jello. What do you think? I think it'll put new life in the J-E-L-L-O!! Just add a bit of alcohol to Jello and poof: Ya got yourself some jiggly-flaming fun. That is my money making thought for the night. Do with it as you will.

Can you guess I closed the store tonight? The other day I finished a book where I REALLY didn't like the main character, but I finished the book and got on with my life. Then I found out the sequal was coming out. So I went and looked at the sequal today. (In hopes that the character would change or something) I started reading it, and instantly decided (after 10 or so pages) that this book was not something I should be reading. First off the guy was doing a horrible rip-off of Lord of the Rings. (Imagine Lord of the Rings, PORNO style.) That book found it's way back onto the shelf rapidly enough. (But what can you expect from a guy who has written some 50 Star Trek novels?)

Tomorrow (later today?) I have another closing shift. Beth is gone this week at "Summer Safari" (summer camp) so the dog has to get used to the fact that she isn't around. Which means we spend a lot more "quality time" with the dog. Paid for school and Car Insurance today. That big bank account I had... empty. =) Ahh well, such is life they tell me.

What are you all up to? Feel free to use the comment box... I mean that's why I put it there, to hear YOUR thoughts!

Oh, and anyone have any ideas for my vacation? I have September 4-11 off from work and I would rather not be at home. (Being as I spend so much time here as it is.)



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