Thursday, August 15

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
You will have noticed a lack of postage from the events of yesterday. But never fear, I am here now to update you on the goings-on of my day off. (Day one of two, of which today is day two) So yesterday after a late night closing I finally got myself to bed and then dragged (said like: drag-ed) myself out of bed at some unholy hour, (like 8 or something) and got myself ready for a day at WILD WAVES (and Enchanted Villiage). While I enjoy a wild wave as much as the next guy I want you to know that it should have been called Crowded Waves and even more Crowded Villiage. Lines were generally an hour from the point you got in line to the point of exiting the ride. I didn't do all that much, being as I was trying to avoid the sun, and I wasn't feeling too great. (And truth be told, I really don't like roller coasters at all)
Anyway I had fun hanging with people (Jess, Malia, Anna-Rose and Trevor) and all told I did not get myself overly burned. (Think Golden Brown, only without the gold or the brown)

After the water and Crowded Village we headed back to Malia's "pad" where we crashed and watched a movie and just generally hung out. (Well, we did until Malia's Dad decided she needed to go to the hospital for something she did to her arm the day before. (Still waiting to hear the verdict on that one))

So here I am, with a whole day of merryment ahead of me. Oh yeah, and you'll notice a lack of pictures from yesterday's event because my camera isn't waterproof, and it's expensive, so I wasn't eager to drag it somewhere where it would be likely to be damaged.



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