Thursday, August 15

Several key things of note:
A. I tried Pepsi Blue yesterday. (For those of you NOT in the know Pepsi Blue is Pepsi + Raspberry = Blue. The Drink is like bright blue and actually tastes pretty good. (I still find myself quite happy with a bottle of Mountain Dew Code Red though... Hmmmm... I would what it would look like if you combined the two... I wonder what it would TASTE like... this seems like a project for tomorrow!)

B. I think I found myself a place to go camping. Lyre River is a private camp ground located on, well Lyre River. My family went there AGES ago for a family vacation, and my mom pulled up some old stuff we had and gave them a call. So I might be chilling over there for a week or so. (By myself... *sniffle* (If I really want people to come I should really try harder... it's been a pretty weak effort so far...))

C. Malia is ok. I guess she got home at 3:30ish from the hospital last night, but she survived.

More work tomorrow and Beth comes home, so it's off to bed with me...



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