Wednesday, September 11

It was kind'a odd tonight. After hanging out with Megan and Ingrid and Ryan at Megan's house I saw Ingrid home, and then got on the freeway and headed home myself. The odd part, I saw a total of 5 cars on the freeway tonight. I passed 2 of them. On a normal night I might see a hundred or so and pass 50. It was REALLY strange.

Anyway, while at Megan's we had Ice Cream Sundae's and Rootbeer Floats. (Sundae's at 7:30 and then Rootbeer at 10:30ish) It was fun, Ingrid taught us a new cardgame which was slightly interesting, and Ryan and I ended up loosing more often than naught. It was fun. Plus we talked a whole bunch. It's been ages since the 4 of us got together. Megan heads up to school on Friday and Ingrid follows on Tuesday.

I finished 2 books today. Nancy Kress's "Probability Moon" and Elizabeth Elliots "Passion and Purity". (Which I am now letting Ingrid borrow, to see if we can come up with a theory for that one like we did with Mr. Harris's book "I kissed Dating Goodbye" (which I happen to have issues with his book, but if you prefer not to think and live in a little happy dream world then you will probably like it.))

Tomorrow (ummm, errr, today) is my last day of vacation. You can bet I will enjoy it.

I promised pictures, but those will have to wait until tomorrow, because I am way too sleepy tonight. But I WILL post them later today, I promise! And they will be plentiful.)

Oh yes, and another poem tonight from your's truely. WTC. Now being the time of year that this is I am sure people are bound to think that WTC means, World Trade Center. But they would be wrong. Granted I think it could be applied in that area, but that isn't what it's about. It's just poetry.

Ok... so after I get some sleep you will get pictures. (I did some expiremental stuff with the black and white option on my camera, wanna talk about cool? Lets talk about Digital Black and white photography. Can you say nifty? I knew you could!)



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