Monday, September 30

You know, a couple years ago I had these great dreams of going off to school and getting great bandwidth speeds. And here I am at school, and having done a bandwidth test here I can see that I am 3x faster at home. And the other day when I was picking up Adam from school I did a test on their network and it was a little over half as fast as the connection I have at home. WHat does this lead to? I am a spoiled bandwidth person.

In other news, Jessica's dad made it through his surgery well enough. He is of course in pain. (That comes from having your chest ripped open) He'll be in the hospital the rest of the week and then recovery mode for a month or so.

Today is the first day of classes for a lot of schools. Which I think effectively ends summer vacation 2002. Please stay tunned for next years summer vacation. Thank you...



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