Sunday, October 27

Be Thou my Vision

There are some things that no matter how you play it (with the exception of lounge style (Thank you Mr. Tom Jones)) it'll sound good. In my music exploring I have found numerous versions of the song, "Be Thou my Vision" (also known as "St. Patrick's Breastplate" in some places.) and none of them are bad.
Phil Keaggy has a version of the song that would have done the early Celts proud. (Good war-drum sound with a quick guitar.(Best played LOUD)) I also have a version which claims to be Enya, which is just instrumental. (With a recorder/ some kind of flute and piano and cello. (Best played loud)) Rebecca St. James also has one that starts out rather haunting, but sadly enough looses that quality as the song goes on. (Best played loud =) ) And the best version I have is by Ginny Owens she does it with just her voice and some reverb and a low kind of thrumming sound in the back. VERY haunting... If I ever get off to Ireland/ Scotland I am so going to bring a cd player and listen to every version of this song I can get my hands on.

I'm not really sure what it is about this song that lends it to be done in so many ways. But you have the strong battle type sound and then you have the haunting melody sound to it. Something I like a lot about this song is the imagry of battle and the defense that God lends us. Maybe it's the romantic in me coming out with this song, but rarely are there songs that I find as inspiring as this one.

A touch of history for you about the song. (Original literal translation from the Irish can be found there as well)


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  1. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Where did you get the "Be Thou My Vision" that may or may not be Enya? I downloaded that song off the internet a few years back but lost it. I loved it and am trying to purchase the CD that contains that song but have not been able to locate it. Please email me at THANKS!


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