Saturday, October 5

Much to my disapointment I had to call in sick today at work. This is the second time this month. I wonder if it is because of a lack of sleep with school that let in this flu like thing I happened to get.

The only really good thing it has done for me is allowed me to be able to do nothing but sit in bed and read. So I finished 2 books today. I'll be starting in on Timothy Zahn's "Angelmass" here next. Then at some point I need to buy myself another copy of George R.R. Martin's "Clash of Kings", mainly because I seemed to have lost the copy that Mathew (manager at work) lent me. So I once I finish reading it I will have to get it back to him. It bothers me when I loose things like that book. First off because it's not mine, and secondly because I rarely loose things at all. I mean this book is completely gone. I have NO idea where one would even find it.

In other news my dad bought a new car. The warrenty on his Honda CRV expired so he bought a 2003 Volkswagen Passat. I have yet to see it since it has been dark, and I have been sick. But I am told it is Colrado Red, and drives nicely. (We'll see if I can test drive it... =) ) That is the nice thing about having a dad who owns his own company is that he needs to keep the warrenty up on the company cars so when the warrenty expires he sells it and buys a new one. I think it's pretty cool. I don't know if he has any designs on keeping this car after the warrenty expires, but I am thinking it might be fun to "trade-in" my current car when he's done with this one. We'll see. (My brother currently drives my dad's first business car)

It's late, I must get up early tomorrow. I'll see you all later.



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