Tuesday, October 8

Tonight we had 2 leads on duty at work, so that meant I didn't have to play lead. I got to play bookseller.

I am feeling a touch better than I did last night. My "flu" has evolved into "mearly" a cold. Thanks to all of you who have told me to get better.

The other day when I was home sick my mom started asking me what I wanted for Christmas. Christmas!? Already!? And then I was greeted not long after that by the incoming Christmas cards at work. So I guess I need to start thinking about Christmas or something.

I finally got around to seeing the newest "Two Towers" trailer. I have to say that I am excited. It seems very cool. Take a look-see if you have time.

In other news, my mind can't remember the other news. I'm curious though, what are you all reading for entertainment value these days? (In the book field mind you) I'm reading Timothy Zahn's "Angelmass", which so far is pretty ok. I don't know what it is, but for some reason it seems that so many of the past mass-market paperback science fiction stories I have read have been wonderfully original in their ideas, but never note-worthy in the telling. I guess I am spoiled. Living off of Bradbury and George R. R. Martin has spoiled me for good writing and good stories.

More class and work tomorrow night, we'll see how I hold up come Thursday. Oh, I know I have linked to Orisinal Morning Sunshine before. But they just added a new game involving a teddy-bear type creature and bunnies that bounce and then the bear going bungie jumping. So far it's one of my favorite of theirs. If you haven't checked them out before I promise you hours and hours will go by if you're not careful.



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