Tuesday, October 8

Once again it's time for: Quote of the weeeeek!
Today's quote comes to us from Ben Morrell who lives in Bothell Washington. Ben writes: "I was cleaning up the store (I work at Barnes and Noble) when I got this great idea for "QotW" and I just knew I had to send it in!" Thanks Ben, we're going to air your quote right now for being the ONLY person to both to write in with a QotW this week.

"My sense of straight is a little crooked right now"

Yes, yes. I know, I know writing myself an email about my OWN quote is a cheap trick, but this is my blog, deal with it.

In other news Thomas and Susan busted a shop-lifter today in Music. There are two types of criminals in this world, "smart" ones and stupid ones. This guy fell (soundly) into the stupid category. First mistake, grabbing a bunch of CD's off the rack right by the cash registers while the head cashier was looking and trying to fit them in your pocket. (oops) 2nd mistake: going into the bathroom with 23 CD's while an employee follows you in.

There is are several simple lessons to be learned here: 1. Don't shoplift, because you won't be able to go into Barnes and Noble again. 2. If you're going to shoplift, don't do with while someone is watching. (This including testing to see if the merchindise will fit in your pockets) and 3. Don't look guilty as soon as you walk in the store.

Well that's it for now. I am still on the sick side of things, so I will sleep until I have to be at work tomorrow.

BTW: Way to go Dan!!! =)



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