Saturday, November 2

I had three types of customers today: The normal kind that are nice, the disgruntled kind (I like to go days without seeing those types), and then the types where we talked about nothing related to books. Case in point: This morning I talked a guy out of buying Photoshop 7 because he just wanted to be able to resize and crop pictures. And then he continued to ask me about digital cameras. I mean I am fairly on top of it so it was knowledgable information, but it still seems odd. Then there wasa guy who was looking for books on decorating his Home Theater. So after a bit of talking we got to talking about how we made flats in high school and that might be an option for him.

Oh! Something fun! I got to talk to the head of Marketing for Microsoft Press today. She was in the store and was in the computer section taking notes and I wasked her if I could help her, and it came out who she was, and I told her she was in my section. So she asked me some questions, I gave some suggestions. It's pretty cool. If any of my ideas get used that will be my claim to fame. =) It was nice to talk to someone on the book end of things.

Might be going to an Avalon concert tonight, we'll see. 4 hours of sleep last night is not condusive to staying up late again tonight. We'll see.



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