Saturday, November 2

Star Wars Imax review: First off to get an idea how big the screen is (six stories tall, 80 feet wide) let me give you something you can do at home: get yourself where you have a TV, go and buy an 8 or 9 point THX sound system. (I'll wait while you go do that...) Then set it up in a 2 foot cirlce around the TV. Then sit yourself in front of the TV so that your nose is 2 inches from the screen. Then hit play on the movie and proceed to watch the film. No I'm not kidding. Anyone who has seen Imax before knows this, but I was in the 2nd to last row in the theater. I was HALF way up the screen and easily more than 50 feet from the screen, and it filled up my vision as I sat there! I was impressed by the size. HOWEVER, they had to cut 20 minutes out of the movie so a lot of noticeable stuff got cut. It was kind'a maddening at times.

Also at that size, it's a LOT easier to see the mistakes in computer animation and editing. (Like the blue ghosting effect around Anakin's hair a couple times he happened to be in a computer generated scene.)

I suggest if you CAN see it, go and see it. The size alone is pretty amazing.



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