Friday, November 1

I trust today finds you well. Oh, and welcome to November. (Yikes!)

Last night was a good time. I didn't have any plans until Mathew (old manager) dropped into the store and asked if I wanted to come over later that night. Being as I had no plans to speak of I agreed. It was fun. We sat around and talked at his place for a couple hours. Susan (head cashier at work) and her boyfriend (manfriend!?) dropped by as well and it was fun talking with them as well. Not exaclt a wild party by any stretch of theimagination, but fun to talk none the less. (Am I getting old!? When talk is "fun" and no games! Yeah, but hey, watt'a ya gonna do about it!?)

Today is "work in recieving" and then "Go see Star Wars at the Imax Theater" day. I'll let you know how it goes. I gotta go. Hope everyone is doing well.



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