Thursday, November 14

Let's see... it's Thursday, I did the work thing, and then I did some of the come home and eat thing... (And people wonder why they keep coming back to this site! It's the SHEER EXCITEMENT!!! I can tell...)

I got to sticker (20% off) a goodly amount of our Christmas cards today at work and it got me in a Christmassy mood. I was thinking to myself, "Yeah! I'm going to do Christmas cards! It'll be great!" But then I was hit with a problem. What kind of cards do I get? Do I get something funny? DO I get something serious? Do I get something amazingly beautiful? Do I go cheap!? This is like worse than Christmas shopping. We'll see what happens... maybe I'll just end up folding a piece of paper in quarters and writing messages on that. Who knows... (well, you'll know should you get a card... =) )

One other note, I tasted real honest to goodness coffee the other day! My first time! I had half of a shot glass sized sample and I couldn't finish that. I am just NOT a coffee drinker. I can't imagine having to finish even the smallest size. Buy them I will not. I have better things to waste, ummm, errr, spend my money on.



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