Wednesday, November 13

Maybe I am going crazy, but my Cisco teacher this morning started to explain Subnet masking again, for like the 4th time since i have started the class. Being as I had little sleep last night I decided I was going to go home instead of sitting there and trying not to fall asleep and feeling hungry.

Donna Tartt's audio book "Little Friend" is going pretty well. She makes really good use of imagry. There is a subtle hint of underlying darkness to the whole piece, but it runs really well with the story. She is really good and I am surprised she hasn't done more than this and her other book. Maybe it just takes her a while...

In other TibenNet related news I have been considering switching hosts. (again) One day we'll find a place that works 100% well for us. (I mean I think I have found them in the company I am looking at... but I need to bounce it off TiM to see what he thinks... after all it's his cash as well.) We'll keep you all informed on that. If you're a reader this will mean nothing to you, if you're a blogger with us then this could mean some cool changes.

Now to catch some sleep before work.



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