Wednesday, November 27

Several things of note: 1st off, today marks the 907th anniversary of Pope Urban II calling for the first crusade against the infidels in the Holy land. This of course is a mistake that we are still feeling to this very day. For one of the best books I have read on the subject of the 1st crusade I would suggest you pick up Mr. Lawhead's 1st book in the Celtic Crusade Trilogy entitled, "The Iron Lance". Then again I would suggest you read all of Lawhead's books being as they are great.

Some more link-age for you tonight: Sheldon, breaks a horrible truth for us today that I have never considered before!
Friday is official Buy Nothing Day! That article details what exactly that is for you.
For those of you that want to live in true Hobbit style: Build your own Hobbit hole! Sorry, I had to link to that... I think it was a force of hobbit.

Hope all is going well with you all, tomorrow... ummm, later today, will find me hanging out with my brother (who is playing the piano right now) and going to school as well. Later!



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