Monday, November 25

High point and low point of my day at work:
Low-point: A guy calls and says he wants 20 copies of this certain book for his sales staff and he needs it by tomorrow morning. So I check my stock and I have 8 of them. I tell him I have 8 and that I can order more for him if he wants or he could call another store to check their stock and have them hold some for him as well. He then starts to get upset and tells me that "He's a senior sales associate" at some such company and telling me to "call another store" is bad sales. My question which came instantly to mind was, "Well, how else are you going to get the books you want? I can't make them appear magically." I was simply presenting him with options on how to get his books. (Note: transfering books between stores is more hassle than it's worth, especailly if you want it the next morning) Instead of holding the 8 books he could have had he tells me he's going somewhere else. Okay by me if you don't realize when I'm trying to help you out when you're stuck doing something last minute.

High Point: I was putting books away in my section when I heard a lady ask the guy she was with, "Are you finding it?" And he replies, "No." and then she says, "Well, why don't you ask someone?" and then he says, "None of them know anything about computers." Containing my vicious grin I rounded the corner and asked if I could help them. He spits out what he's looking for and I take him to the spot and point out the books we do have on the subject he is looking for. Don't know computers... right, that'll teach him to generalize.



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