Sunday, November 24

What are you all up to for Thanksgiving? (Family members of mine need not answer this... I know.) What kind of traditions do you have? Do you trudge/gallop/spring lightly/dance over to some relatives house, fill yourself with some sort of bird (or pig) and they layabout while the relatives poke you with what can only be refered to as a mental stick, and ask you why you aren't dating and when you're going to get married. ("Why when I was your age...")

Or the even better question than that (for me at least), that is proven to kill conversation DEAD when anyone asks, "So Ben, what are you studying in school?" I gennerally mutter something like, "Computer stuff" and hope they don't ask more. Mainly because when I say, "Oh, I'm studying for MCSE certification and CCNA certification, which deal with the configuration and handling of Microsoft operating systems and Cisco routers." They tend to look at me funny. On second thought maybe the "When are you getting married question" might be easier to answer.

What do you guys do?



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