Wednesday, December 11

I am doing better today, thanks everyone that asked after my health. Tomorrow myself and Ryan and Megan and Ingrid are going to take ourselves downtown (Seattle) where we will be spending the afternoon/ evening. Just enjoying each other's company and seeing the city all decked out. I'm charging the battery in my digital camera right now, so I'll have a camera tomorrow to take pictures with. It'll be fun. I'll let you know what we do.

Friday my brother comes home, so we'll see what kind of excitement can be had around here. Dan gets back on Saturday, this of course means we'll have to spend the time I'm not working doing stuff. Not sure when everyone else gets back... but it's once again that time for people to gather round and enjoy each other.

With work and school it seems this time of year has just crept up on me!

BTW: I am coming up short on ideas on what to get my dad for Christmas. Any ideas?



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