Thursday, December 12

Tonight was a lot of fun. I didn't get many good pictures, but 1 out of 27 isn't too bad. The Space Needle was looking nice tonight. (Full sized picture available here.)

I'm sure you're wondering what we did. Let's see, first off we went Ice Skating at a little improptu ice rink they setup at the Seattle Center. That was cheap and fun. (Though my ankles might disagree with me...) From there we got on the Monorail (my first trip ever, besides at Disneyland), and headed to Westlake Center where we had dinner. (Food court! Wooo!) Then we walked around the Westlake Mall, and then headed accross the street to the Pacific Place Mall, where we walked around and looked in shops. It was nice to get into the Christmas spirit. With all the decor up and hanging with friends and catching up and all. (Plus I got to scope out the Christmas present scene... =) )

Then we took the Monorail back to the Seattle Center and drove back. It was a good time. Hope your day was a good one as well!



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