Saturday, December 7

Not all things go as we have planned them to go. This lesson in the big, and in the small things. Tonight, it was a small thing. Jamie called in sick tonight in the cafe, and then Nathan never showed up. Both of them were supposed to be closing. (I was to get off at 9:30) So, 3:30 rolls around and no Nathan. So I volunteered to stay around and close cafe. Summer (cafe manager) showed up a bit later and we closed it up together. But wow... if I hadn't have gone home early on Wednseday I would have 3 hours of overtime tonight. =) This is my first 11 hour day in over 6 months. Back when I was at MS an 11 hour day was nothing. It was the 13's and 14's that got ya.

So that was my evening! I'll see ya tomorrow! I'll see about seeing Equilibrium tomorrow... but I am a bit leary of going to downtown Seattle on a Sunday afternoon just to see a movie and have to brave the traffic and the crowds. We'll see how brave I am.

P.S. Can I say I cannot STAND the smell of Egg Nog?! The stuff is VILE to begin with, and it doesn't improve any by smelling it.



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