Tuesday, February 4

Here we are, back in school for the first time this week. This is what we like to call "week of the mid-terms". Only we just call it that. We really don't DO much. I think I have a take home test in one class and some HW due on Thursday in the Cisco class. So, as you can tell, I have it hard.

I have to admit that I try to live my life as "regret free" as possible. Dwelling on mistakes one has made in the past doesn't really seem to get one anywhere. Realizing the mistakes, remembering where the problem came from, and moving on is how I try to live with mistakes. However there are times when things are unresolved or something haunts me to the point where I cannot move on until it's resolved. These times, of course (I'm sure), fall into those "life lessons" category. Times like these will remind me the next time I want to speak without thinking that it's an incredibly stupid thing to do.



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