Wednesday, February 5

I just wanted to post something really early this morning.
Tomorrow, ummm, errr, today, is my CrAzY day. Once I get to sleep. I get up again for work, and then after that I have to go purchase some snow equipment so I don't freeze up there in the great white north, and then I come home and finish a mid-term and a lot of other HW that is due on Thursday. Then it's off to the mountains.

And now it's off to sleep. Oh yeah, picked up Caedmons Call's newest CD at work tonight, (errr, last night) (I have to confess I am really surprised we even HAD it), and I have been listening to it as I travel to and fro, and I have to say they have gotten a touch more acoustic sounding, and yet at the same time have started to play with their sound on certain songs more. Sound aside their lyrics are just as great and poetic and deep as usual. (If not more so) In other CD news there is this CD that was bundled with another CD that was given to me by Ryan, and the guy's name is Greg Lawless. (Previously of Adam Again (I had never heard of them before, but it seems that they had been around for a good 14 years before their leader died (Gene Eugine) and they all broke up)) Anyway, it's just this guy and his guitar, and woah, poorish recording aside (he did it in his house) his lyric writing is pretty impressive. Some great poetic images. I really wish he would have gone on to do more.

NOW I am going to bed.



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