Monday, February 10

I promised pictures last night, and pictures I will deliver! Let me start off by saying that this was a great weekend. No skiing happened for me, for which my body thanks me. It hurt enough just from sleeping on the beds there, so I don't think my body needed the extra tourture of trying to stay upright in snow as I hurtled myself down a mountain. (Which if you did any OTHER time of the year would be considered suicide, but somehow in the winter when there is snow on the ground people do it anyways.)

Ah! My pictures are all uploaded now so I will commence with the "Slide Show". Get comfortable. You ready? I'm not going to stop this car until we get there... ok. Here we go:

First off, the view from the house we were all staying in looked something like this and this.

This weekend kind of had a Lord of the Rings theme. First we played the Lord of the Rings Risk game which was a lot of fun. (As quickly as I was beaten to a bloody pulp) We also played the Lord of the Rings board game. (You know... the one where you only win like 25% of the time when you play it? (Yes... we won! =) )) Also there was a guy there (Dustin) who when I first saw him commented, "He looks like Frodo." Well, he doesn't look a LOT like Frodo, but he DID happen to look like the Hobbit type. Which of course lent me to taking this picture which a couple of you should realize as a parody of a shot from the 1st movie.

Now for your viewing pleasure: Random snow pictures!

Friday night after dinner I have to confess that one of my "habbits" kicked in and suddenly I found I had built something. (Action shot w/ Lisa.)

There were two hot tubs outside and for some reason a bunch of people thought it would be fun to get in 104 degree water while the temp outside was like 20 something outside. No one died, so I guess it wasn't as crazy as I thought. But I did think that sitting out there with the wind blowing would be pretty darn cold. However Tara and Sarah both seemed to have a good time. Chris also found it relaxing as well. I got some more pictures of people and the snow in the background, but Paul is flexing in both of those shots and whilst he might be considered good looking I would rather keep those shots for blackmail in case I should need them.

We did a lot of game playing this past weekend. Along with the LOTR games we also played the game Survivor based off the TV show, and while I couldn't stand the show I actually enjoyed the game. As did Chris. (And the rest of us too, I just liked that shot.)

The last day Chris and I wore the same shirt. We thought that was funny so we took some pictures. I know. We're crazy.

Now it might look like I'm getting a lot of shots with Chris is them, and it would be true, but then again he was one of those guys that I hung out with this weekend and he's just crazy, so he photographs well. I took about 86 pictures so I had to sort through a lot to get the good ones. It's not as lop-sided in my collection here at home.

As for some more random pictures shots: We pulled over on the side of the road to get pictures of the mountains as we were driving back. It was pretty cool and this picture doesn't do it justice, to see the snow blowing off the tops of the mountains is pretty neat. Very Tolkien-esk.

My camera went with me where ever I went. That being the case shots like this were bound to happen in an effort to be cool. (A larger version can be seen here to get better depth on the view in the glasses.) I personally think with a little work that a shot like that would be a very cool CD cover. (You can see Nick, Shawn, Jeremiah, and myself in the glasses. (I'm the one who looks like I'm holding a flame.))

That was a brief re-cap of my weekend. It was fun to be able to just "chill" (pun-intended) with some friends for the weekend. I'd do it again in a heart-beat.

Oh yes, and as I was digging around my pictures I happened to find an old picture of Lisa and I from back in 1998. (This picture was taken in Wyoming, right after a rafting trip.) You can deffinatly see how much the both of us have changed.



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