Tuesday, June 24

"Harry Potter Ruined my Life"

The subject title there is a sign that a guy had the night Harry Potter came out. I loved it. I want shirts. (Aside: I thought it would also be funny to make up shirts that said, "Harry Potter Stole my Wife" as well.)

My brother leaves for Spain today. I guess he'll be gone for the month of July. I envy him. I hope he has a great time and that many pictures get taken.

The peoples from church who leave for Russia leave on Wednseday. They'll be gone for a while. Hope they have a good time. Can't say I overly envy them for the chance they have to go to Russia. I think that I had enough the last time I went. (However they are stopping in London on the way back.)

My physics class has started. I had been told there was Calc based Physics and Algebra based physics. This class is neither. When I said "Physics for Dummies" originally, I wasn't far off. This is fine and good for me because the last real science class I had was Biology, back my Sophmore year of high school. Perhaps it will be educational without me dreading the fact that I must get up so early every morning.

I have pictures from Friday... I just haven't taken the time to weed out the good pictures from the 250 pictures I took. But for the time being just enjoy this picture: (This is 5 or so pictures put together.)



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