Friday, June 20

Hulking pile of...

The Hulk comes out today. I want to tell you that I will not be seeing it, however, that doesn't stop me from talking about it. People are going to enjoy the movie. Some people will probably end up seeing it several times. To me, it seems like whoever is doing the marketing around the movie has flooded everything with "hulk" merchandise far before the movie came out to build up "hype". We have the book in our store, enough hulk graphic novels to fill a large hole, and then lets not forget the 20 or so children's books and/or activity books related to the hulk. (Side note: I'm surprised they didn't make children's books based off the Matrix.) I don't mind the flood of adult stuff. I figure that's marketing at it's "best". Yet the kids stuff is what baffles me. Since when is this movie a kids movie? And I don't know about you but I would rather not have my children looking up to someone who gets really mad and destroys things. Call me crazy but it seems like the marketing people for this movie want it to be all things to all people. The 5+ trailers they have put out for it seem to say to me: "You're GOING to like this movie! Oh... and bring your kids."

That said, I am going to avoid the "machine" that is supposedly telling me that I'm going to miss out on the movie of the summer.

Harry Potter V tonight. Maybe I'll post when I get home tonight. (3 or 4ish) Now I'm off to play on Bainbridge Island.



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