Friday, August 15

These foolish things...

Things that bothered me today:

1. Large African-American men that think I am prejudiced against them and see the need to twist everything I say to fit that world view. I mean no offense when I say this, but I think sometimes that is half the reason for "racial tensions" in places is because African-Americans assume that because you are from a European background of some sort that you are going to treat them differently. I honestly don't care who you are, I will treat you as well as you will allow me to treat you. If you come in assuming something and won't let me help, I won't be able to be very helpful. I guess it just got me thinking, yes there is a lot of crazy tensions with different races, but I don't think its fair to blame the European backgrounded people as the reason for it all. Fess up to your own weaknesses and I'm sure we'd all get along better.

2. Young college types that go around the store with sunglasses on and a low-hat pretending like they are famous as they walk around the store on their cell phones and say things like, "Hey Babe, It's me, give me a call." and "Yeah, sounds like your kinds of money problems, I can float you a few."

I guess BN is really an interesting study in people. I was thinking about that today as I was standing at information helping someone as they clutched their head and said something like, "Oh... uhhh, it was called something like Inside outside... but I don't remember the author...", anyway, I was thinking that if you think about it and step back from the fact that the customer is doing (fill in the blank) and look at them as people with problems that things get interesting. It's easy enough to see yourself in a lot of them. (In varying stages mind you)

Oh, while I am thinking: Have you ever had en experience where you are confided in by someone and then you council that person that what they are doing is really extremely stupid and they should really rethink it, only to have them tell you that nothing you say will change what they are going to do? (Ok, ok I see all you parents nodding out there...) It's a pity, I didn't think I would have to learn this lesson until I had children. Oh well, there is only so much one can do right? So where do you draw the line of doing something more to intervene?



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