Monday, August 11

We're back!

Last week had to have been one of the oddest weeks I've had in a long time. It started out last Friday by going "camping" with the college group at church. That was fun, it was a fine weekend. Then I had work Sunday night. I worked but for some reason wasn't feeling all that great. Monday rolled around and I called in sick. Tuesday found me at gameworks with Ian and Ryan and Adam for most of the day as we celebrated Ian's upcoming wedding, guy style. Wednseday I took my Physics final, and then ran off to work. Thursday found me with an ever building headache that sent me home a couple hours early on Thursday night because it felt like my head would split open. Friday was some hang time with Lisa and then Ian and Katie's wedding rehersal and rehersal dinner. Yarrow Bay Grill provided the food and it was wonderful. After that I got to hang with Dan and Jane for a bit. (Who were back up for the wedding) Saturday found me playing best man in Ian's wedding.

Ian, I am happy to annouce didn't seem a bit nervous at all. The wedding was short and sweet and they are now happily married. (Sorry ladies, Ian is no longer available) After the wedding Dan, Jane, Lisa and I went over to Dan's house to watch a movie then had dinner at Burger Master. (which his father paid for surprisingly... many thanks there) Then we drove to downtown Seattle where we took the Bainbridge ferry and came back as it was dark and got to see Seattle all lit up. Very nice.

Sunday found me at church in the morning and then Lisa and I went with Malia, Dan and Jane to Camlann, which is the Medieval fair out by Carnation. I had fun, but then again they had a guy who had some swords who was talking about them and I think that was the point at which my friends left me behind. After that Lisa and I went out and saw the movie "Jonny English" which is a pretty good Bond knockoff. Then we went to Compline at St. Marks.

A busy weekend and an end to a busy week. Lisa got into the Architecture department at the UW! So many congradulations there!

Hopefully this week won't be as busy or sick-ridden as last. I have a whole stack of blogs I need to get to creating, so keep so eyes peeled for "fresh blood". Coming soon!



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