Friday, August 1

Gotta admire...

You just gotta admire a man who can pull this off. *Sniffle* a man after my own heart.

So yeah. Welcome to August. Month of my mother's Birthday, Ben and Lisa's 7 month aniversary, and a small dog named twinkles. (Ok... I have no idea what the dog thing is, but I needed a third thing that was absurd. And I couldn't very well say "Ian and Katie's wedding" because if that took the absurd spot I would be in trouble.)

So later today (read 5.5 hours) I will be making my way east as I go to join my fellows in eastern Washington where we will "camp" for the next couple days. This will be a much needed break from work. But not that much of a break. For I have a final next week, as well as Ian's wedding. So Lax isn't going to happen, no no, not by any means. Ha! You hear me HA! I laugh in the face of too much to do! Ha! I... Ok... maybe I'll slow down a bit.



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