Monday, January 12

Road Trip: Day the 2nd

Dan's nose is cold for the second morning in a row. I thought i read soemthing about Dogs noses being cold and something or other at some point, but I'm not sure. I suggested he get a nose warmer. But of course the visual image was too much to continue that thought seriously.

Yesterday we made the trek from the Portland Area starting at about 8:22am and we got into the Bay area about 7:30pm. It made for a lot of (Dan) driving. We had lunch at Yreka at Carl's Jr. which was a quality burger.

The headache is gone and we will be chill'n in San Fran today. First Muir Woods, then the Golden Gate, and then Pier 39! I will hopefully get a chance to write more later, and I will deffinatly take lots of pics!

Have a great day everyone!



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