Sunday, January 11

Road Trip: Day the First

Thanks to unsecured wireless access for this post. The trip down to Portland area went fairly well. I drove the whole way down. The snow here is still piled up and it is quite cold.

Dan and I stopped by Fry's (in Renton) on our way down. Tech store Mecca! I'll go into detail about that later. We had to pick up a device that projected signals onto the radio from the laptop.

Anyway, we got here in Hillsbourgh and enjoyed the time with Ben Ross and his Dad. We went bowling and I scored 91 and 119 respectively. However towards the end of the evening my head was pounding fit to burst and so I didn't feel very well. Anyway I am feeling a touch better today.

Now I must go, for 10 hours of driving to San Fran is in front of us. God Bless!

P.S. I didn't mention Dan at all because he wondered if I could write a post without mentioning him.

P.P.S. I failed.



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