Sunday, April 11

He is Risen!

Today Lisa and I are going to do what I call "family juggling". This involves spending part of the day, a couple hours, at wherever my family ends up, and then back to Bellevue area to spend time with Lisa's family. I must confess, it keeps things lively.

My sister and brother both came back on Friday, and boy, does it show. The amount of brightly colored bottles, bags, brushes and blowers has increased exponentially. You see, Beth by herself can amass an impressive amount of bathroom paraphernalia. At a quick glance at the bathroom counter I counted 4 brushes/ combs that weren't there 3 days ago. There is also stuff here that I don't even know what to do with. (The thing that looks like an old alligator without any teeth is for hair straightening right? Hmmm, why would anyone want to wave-away their naturally wavy hair? (NOTE: In a magazine cover I happen to be putting out the other day I spotted the following headline on a ""teen"" (note the double quotes) magazine: "wavy hair is in!" So Beth, or Adam, or whoever is straightening their hair with the old alligator, straight hair is so, like, yesterday! Ya-know?) However I have to confess, I do not know where Beth's stuff leaves off and Adam's stuff begins. Is that bright green bottle for something Adam does to his hair? Or is it something Beth uses to shampoo the dog? And what about that thing right there? What is that!? I guess I'll find out on Monday when I go up to take a shower who exactly owns what (Adam goes back tonight) and maybe the amount of mysterious stuff in the bathroom will decrease.

Happy Easter Everyone!



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